New print/bookmark in shop

Added the most recent art to the shop, as a 2.5x7" bookmark and a 5x7" print. both glossy.

also added a "choose your own" bookmark listing, since I'm too lazy to add everything to the shop as a separate bookmark. Just contact me beforehand to make sure the piece you want can be made into a bookmark.
Also also, I got a free pack of 50 stickers from stickermule, of my usericon/profile pic that i use everywhere (this: )
so future orders, until i run out, will include one.

Posted: 11:22 PM 3/24/2020

new art

new thing in art, 🔞 - go to art gallery to see.

Posted: 1:30 AM 3/21/2020

more commission work

Posted: 12:11 AM 3/14/2020

some commission work:
jaysaiyan3 jaysaiyan3 jaysaiyan3
got another one to do... need to get on that

if you want your own commission, see the commission info link to the left

Posted: 12:21 PM 3/4/2020